Our Mission

Our mission is to honor and promote the legacy of Clark Gable through partnerships with companies that share our vision of making products that reflect the farm boy character and upscale elegance of the King of Hollywood.
Clark Gable lived an extraordinary life. The more his story is known, the more people will be inspired to shoot for the stars.

Our Team

John Clark Gable, Clark Gable’s only child misses his father greatly and believes that the best way to keep his father’s memory alive is to introduce him to a new generation. John is a professional racer and holds several Lucas Oil Championships. John Clark gable is the President of Clark Gable Enterprises. You may read his full bio here.

Debra Hartsell-Gable, John Clark’s wife, heads an international Jeet Kune Do organization which has served customers in over 46 countries. Debra is the CEO of Clark Gable Enterprises. You may read her full bio here.

Burton Richardson A family friend for over 30 years and partner in Clark Gable Enterprises, Burton is the founder and owner of JKD Unlimited, an international organization which helps people gain more confidence through the practice of realistic self defense training. Burton has earned many titles in his martial arts career. He is a Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame inductee. You can read his full bio here.

Mark Roesler and CMG

Mark Roesler established Curtis Management Group (CMG) as a division within Curtis Publishing Co. and signed the Elvis Presley Estate as their first client. The company now represents dozen of legendary figures and signed on Clark Gable in 2020. Visit CMG’s website here

Celebrity Valuations is a subsidiary of CMG Worldwide and is led by industry expert Mark Roesler. Roesler has been a sought after consultant for some of the highest profile celebrity cases of the past four decades. Celebrity Valuations can provide myriad consulting services for any IP valuation need.