Filmography – Movies featuring Clark Gable

The Misfits1961
It Started in Naples1960
But Not for Me1959
Run Silent, Run Deep1958
Teacher’s Pet1958
King and Four Queens1956
Soldier of Fortune1955
The Tall Men1955
Never Let Me Go1953
Lone Star1952
Across the Wide Missouri1951
Key to the City1950
To Please a Lady1950
Any Number Can Play1949
Command Decision1948
The Hucksters1947
Boom Town1946
Somewhere I’ll Find You1942
Honky Tonk1941
They Met in Bombay1941
Comrade X1940
Strange Cargo1940
Gone With the Wind1939
Idiot’s Delight1939
Test Pilot1938
Too Hot to Handle1938
Love on the Run1936
San Francisco1936
Wife Vs. Secretary1936
China Seas1935
Mutiny on the Bounty1935
Forsaking All Others1934
It Happened One Night1934
Manhattan Melodrama1934
Dancing Lady1933
Hold Your Man1933
No Man of Her Own1933
The Painted Desert1932
Red Dust1932
Strange Interlude1932
Dance, Fools, Dance1931
A Free Soul1931
Laughing Sinners1931
Night Nurse1931
Susan Lenox1931

Clark Gable acted in over 50 movies. He was such a movie icon that he was nicknamed the King of Hollywood.  He played some of the most memorable roles in the history of film making including Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind (Olivia de Havilland) and Fletcher Christian in Mutiny on the Bounty.  He won the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in It Happened One Night (Frank Capra).    

Other notable Clark Gable movies include The Misfits (Marilyn MonroeMontgomery Clift) and Run Silent, Run Deep (Burt LancasterRobert Wise ). 

Gable was an adventurous sort in real life, volunteering to serve in the Army in World War II and enjoying sports.  Clark Gable will forever be remembered as a leading man both in movies and in real life.