Clark Gable Enterprises

Clark Gable Enterprises

About Us

We, John Clark Gable and Debra Hartsell Gable are the only living family of the legendary ®Clark Gable and the owners of ®Clark Gable Enterprises. Burton Richardson is a partner/owner, travels word wide, and resides in Hawaii.

Our purpose is to share his life with you, and exactly what ®Clark Gable Enterprises offer. We have three offices located in Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Hawaii.

®Clark Gable Enterprises is partnered with CMG Worldwide.

Mark Roesler/CEO

Mark is all around a great guy – there’s no one better in the industry. In his 39th year of representing over 1,500 of the world’s most famous personalities, CMG Worldwide Founder & Chairman, Mark Roesler, has successfully positioned his marketing and management company as the dominant force in the evolving intellectual property arena. See his personal website,, for more information regarding his vast litigation history and to see him featured with Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes. Additional details can be found regarding the expansive services Mr. Roesler provides including valuation, consulting, expert witness testimony, and speaking engagements.

By 2025, 30% of the entire retail economy will be transacted over the Internet. Brick and Mortar will be re-purposed as media to focus on selling the brand and its values. In this kind of market, a fan base becomes more than just “nice to have”, it becomes critical to the brand’s growth. If the “Amazon Effect” has put pressure on shopping malls, even hotels, and casinos, to bring more celebrity experiences and stories, then CMG’s product, its client base, has become more relevant and exciting than in its entire 37-year history.

CMG is the business agent for over 200 legends – past and present. Our primary goal is to protect our clients’ image and likeness and perpetuate their remarkable legacies. Our success is greatly attributed to our continued achievement and aggressive marketing. By pinpointing the leading vendors in the market, we develop innovative and successful licensing programs across a variety of industries. For nearly four decades, our clients have been featured in impactful endorsement campaigns, from television commercials to print advertisements to special edition packaging and product cross-promotion. CMG Worldwide works on behalf of its clients in the development of sponsorship relationships to appeal to customers on an emotional level and increase consumer brand retention and loyalty.