Celebrity Licensing

Licensing ®Clark Gable is tasked with key initiatives that include further establishing ®Clark Gable as a leading brand as the “KING OF HOLLYWOOD,“ identifying themed licensed experiences, expanding the packaged food program and growing the international presence.

The ®Clark Gable brand has long reflected the suave, sophistication, and confidence that emanated from ®Clark Gable. His name and image have been sought out to market high-end luxury goods ranging from cars to watches. Licensing ®Clark Gable has also entered into selective merchandising agreements in various categories such as apparel and alcoholic beverages.

“We’re honoured to be trusted with brand stewardship of the ®CLARK GABLE legacy and look forward to growing the licensing program with thoughtful partnerships that excite fans and introduce his brand ethos to new admirers alike,” said John CLARK GABLE, Principal at Licensing ®CLARK GABLE.

DEBRA HARTSELL GABLE, CEO of ®Clark GABLE Enterprises, added: “The ®CLARK GABLE brand is timeless over trend and inspires people to become their best selves through honour, courage and grit – hallmarks of the ®CLARK GABLE ethos.

“Licensing enables us to broaden our reach and develop new products that can inspire this message at scale and we are excited to partner with Licensing ®CLARK GABLE to help us grow into the future.



Companies wishing to become a licensee should have a demonstrated market presence and the ability to generate national or international exposure.


Licensing ®Clark Cable will consider clearance requests to use stills or clips of ®Clark Gable in Film, TV, and publications. To inquire, please email and indicate which still or clip is desired for use, along with a description of how it would be used.


Any other licensing requests should be sent to | | | 60 MINUTES